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Brand Introduction
NeoPhotonics is a leading developer and vertically integrated manufacturer of PIC (photonic integrated devices), modules and subsystems. These products are used in high bandwidth, ultra high-speed communications networks. NeoPhotonics uses a high level of integrated PIC solutions that integrate hundreds of hundreds of discrete components into a single chip, thereby simplifying the deployment of optical networks. This PIC technology can meet the performance, reliability and effectiveness of 100Gbps modules and subsystems, and also reduce costs and physical size to fit the ROADM module architecture. NeoPhotonics developed PIC products has reached the performance of the network upgrade from 10Gbps to 100Gbps and the enhancement of the economical and effective ROADM module to achieve the intelligent network, and the network extends to the outdoor PON device and wireless backhaul system. The vertical integration design and production process of NeoPhotonics embodies in the whole process of wafer design, fabrication, assembly and testing, thus speeding up the product development cycle and shortening the time of product launch.
Product Series
Transceiver, tunable laser, wavelength division multiplexing module, photoelectric detector, laser driver, IC, broadband amplifier, laser module, optical system, SoC, etc.
Application Areas
Consumer electronics / network traffic / cars
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