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Brand Introduction
TXC Corporation (Taiwan crystal technology), founded in 1983, is a leading manufacturer of professional frequency control products. We are committed to research, design, manufacture, and sale of dual in line packaging (DIP) and surface mount design (SMD) quartz crystal products. Now, TXC focuses on five broad categories of products, such as high-quality quartz crystal units, automotive crystals, crystal oscillators (CXO), surface acoustic wave (SAW) filters, and timing modules (TM). Our goal is to provide value-added services to our customers by providing frequency components and modules, designing services, and fully meeting the various requirements of customer esteem. We believe that based on cost effectiveness, quality, lead time, and customer service, the TXC capabilities will exceed customer expectations. TXC has now been highly recognized as a premier supplier of crystalline, well received by the majority of customers and Taiwan crystal technology, Limited by Share Ltd will continue to strive for excellence is not satisfied, but more than the most stringent customer standards.
Product Series
Quartz crystal resonator, oscillator, clock chip module, vehicle electron, optical sensor
Application Areas
Instrumentation / communications / automotive security / monitoring industry / automation ship / space
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